Have you ever wondered what a Tsunami is or how it is created? Well I will tell you a bit about them. First of all what do you think a Tsunami is? When most people think of Tsunamis they think of a big wave that dumps and crushes the land. If this is what you think a Tsunami is then you are wrong. A Tsunami is a big mass of white wash that pushes its self forwards onto the land and it can travel kilometers inland. Here is a picture of a Tsunami.tsunamiNow I know it doesn’t look very big but if you look closely you will see that that little wave is actually bigger than those big boats. This wave will push its self all the way into the land and even when it does reach the land it will keep going and crush any thing in its path.

How Is A Tsunami Created?

A Tsunami is created by tectonic plates under the water far out at sea e. These plates can’t move under the water without doing something to the top. If tectonic plates move suddenly it will send out massive waves on top of the water. We call these waves Tsunamis. These waves will keep pushing themselves all the way into shore. Here is a little easy experiment. She you are in a pool or a bath, put your hand about 10 centimetres from the top of the water and suddenly move your hand up to nearly the top then back down quickly. A bubble will form on the top of the water. This is a bit like the tectonic plates.

So now you know a bit about tsunamis and how they are created. I hope you liked this post.

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  1. danieaflal2002

    Hi Bailee,

    Wow! I definitely thought a tsunami was different than you described! I think that these disasters, while devastating, are super interesting to learn about. The fact the water can cause so much destruction truly amazes me. What do you think is most interesting about tsunamis?

    Daniela A.

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